Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"A Matter of Honor" and "A Pair of Second Chances" are BOTH now FREE!

 My first Novel, A Matter of Honor, and the series starting volume of Jebediah Taylor's story is Now Priced at FREE at Smashwords. That should work through the retailer chain in fairly short order.

My second series, the Ben Jensen series Also has its starting Volume, A Pair of Second Chances, now Priced FREE as well.

These are permanent changes for the pricing of these two books to allow you to "taste" the characters and their stories. 

It may take a short while for the pricing to work it's way through the chain but I expect that to happen quickly. Amazon has already reset the price for HONOR... and I expect A PAIR to follow suit shortly.

Here's an introductory Video you might enjoy for BK Gore the Author, and A Matter of Honor...

Many Thanks

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