Friday, January 2, 2015

Better Late than Never... THE HORSEMEN ... is COMING SOON

I'm in the final stages of preparation to Publish my fifth Novel. The Third in the Jebediah Taylor series - THE HORSEMEN -

Jebediah Taylor Series Book #3

With no major snafus Publishing should happen in the next two weeks. I'm thinking of setting this one up for Pre-Order sales...

Though as impatient as I generally get this late in the game I'll more than likely simply load it and cut 'er loose.

The best though is if a guy can get as many possible that plan on buying a copy to do that on the same day. Get a nice number of sales in a single day and it lifts a writers efforts up into the "visible" rankings... so all those folks he's not been able to talk to... have a chance of seeing it if they're simply browsing the ee-lek-trawnic shelves at Amazon...

So... IF ... ya'll be one of those... keep watching... I'll let you know what day would be a SWEET day for me for ya'll to pick up your copy! :)

- BK Gore

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