Tuesday, January 13, 2015

THE HORSEMEN is Published in Pre-Release

For the first time I've chosen to publish a book in a Pre-Order realease.  THE HORSEMEN is now available to order for the Official Release on the 23rd January 2015. I'm hopeful it will provide a "kick" to the ranking the book earns on the electronic bookshelf.

If you're not familiar with that way of doing things... you order the book today... and then as soon as the clock ticks past midnight and the 23rd starts, it automatically is available or downloads to your chosen device.

What it does for authors is it combines any Preorder sales so they come in on the Official Release day and can give that author a nice "Kick" in his sales rate for that day. It helps raise him/her to "visibility" on the search lists.

If you haven't read the preceding volumes you can check those out as well as my other series on my author page at Amazon.

If you'd prefer a different format you can go to my Smashwords page and pick from several available formats! 

 Many Thanks to ALL of my readers.
- BK Gore

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