Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ben Jensen, The Future is Murder...

My next Novel to be Published; "Shadow on The Mountain", the second book of the Ben Jensen series is coming close.

Being a distracted Gypsy Drifter sometimes invades my writing. I'm the sort that immerses myself in a story and the scenes roll through my head like a movie reel. It scares the neighbors to see an old pussgut mumbling to himself and banging away on the keyboard... but... it is how it is.

The problem arises when distractions yank out the power cord to the projector. It's not a machine that I have the ability to turn on and off at will. It takes time and  focused effort to put myself in that "place" where the movie reel cranks up and I can get to copying down the story before the screen fades. Get pulled out of that "creative place" and... Aw CRAP!

I am better at dealing with "the world" than I used to be, but still too long a ways from where I need to be. That world has little compassion for the problems of a wandering word whittler.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. So... in light of those many diversions, distractions, disruptions and wrong turns that have obstructed the completion of this, what I believe is developing as my best story to date; "Shadow" is getting very close to the close of this part of Ben's story.

I appreciate the patience of all my readers in waiting to see what the future held and holds for Ben and Amanda... and I can only say that, from my perspective... it held quite a bit!

Stay tuned! The future is on the way!

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