Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shadow On The Mountain is Getting Awful Close to "Post" Production.

Shadow On The Mountain has taken some great leaps in the last few days. Things always seem to accelerate as the completion of a story approaches.

When the players in a tale begin to converge near the end I find myself sitting at the keyboard for hour stacking on hour; drinking coffee and typing away as fast as I can... wanting as much as everyone else to find out how the story ends!

In another couple of days the story will be complete and ready to spend the next few weeks editing and polishing.

I've got to edit, edit and re-edit the text, build the Cover, correctly format the manuscript... and... find the dinero to replace MS Word that was trapped/lost on my decayed Dell computer that was replaced last fall.

I've been writing on a "Freeware" copy of Open Office. It appears very similar to "Word" but, I've found it apparently has a few quirks that don't fit well into Amazon's system.

Since my main distributor, Smashwords, has a Style Guide that directs a man of limited computer literacy, step by prescribed step, through the intricate maze of properly formatting a manuscript, for ebook publishing, using the MS Word program, and since it is THE industry standard platform...

.... I'm not gonna fight the flow of the river...

... I'll be, somehow, replacing that program ASAIC (as soon as I can) to eliminate that one source of stress and torment that I can.

With any luck at all my newest Novel will hit the electronic shelves in the next six weeks...

... and making any such prediction is likely to prove to have been a foolish thing to do... considering that Murphy is still on the loose and un-imprisoned.

~ BK Gore

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