Saturday, May 18, 2013

BK Gore Publishing is "Under Construction" - But I'm Typing as Fast as I can...

Welcome to my newest site; BK Gore Publishing. I've created this bookshelf on the web to showcase all my eBook publishing efforts and to provide an organized central location to find them.

I am working as fast as I can with my site reconstruction work; at least as fast as my imagination can keep up. The dust is beginning to settle and the focus of my sites is starting to come clear. :)

From that line in Josey Wales; I "am endeavoring to persevere". While I am doing that I am also endeavoring to not re-create the clutter and confusion I'd managed to build into my collection of sites and blogs in the past. The consequence is, I'm working hard to take my time and make sure that each new bit adds to the quality of my work... and not interfere.

Over the coming days you should see the pieces starting to fall into place that will allow you to navigate through all my online interests and activities with much better clarity and ease.

Bookmarking this page will allow provide the best place to keep up to date with what I've gotten published.

There are more fiction stories in the creation stage as well as a couple of fresh ideas I have for ebooks on Cowboy Philosophizin' and RV books. I hope you'll come back to keep track of me!

As always, your patience, loyalty and comments are greatly appreciated.

For now... I need to get back to writing! ;)

- Brian