Sunday, September 28, 2014

Once Again Life Changes

Over the recent years this Old Buster has learned a lot.

I've learned that though I like to wander without end, there are other things which I walked away from... that I cannot.

I have discovered a growing hunger, an ache even, for some of the things from my past that constant wandering just ain't compatible with... most of those shall remain confidential for the present.

But the bottom line is I continue in pursuit of that fleeting balance in life... 

At this moment I'm squatted on the far eastern edge of Montana, working a beet harvest. The pay is fine and so, for that reason, I am here. It is to stack up dollars that will provide me the means to overhaul the way I live... and return the things to my days that should never have been left behind.

One of those things that I plan to gain as I modify the coming future... and that I can reveal now, is a dedicated "Writing Shed". Tickling my brain pan is also a simple but well appointed audio recording studio where I can develop the ability to self record my own books for Audio release.

The consequence of having a formal "Writing Shed" - I Hope - is improved discipline and reduced diversion and distraction... so that I publish better work on a much faster and more regular schedule.

Big Plans... We shall see what becomes of 'em together. :)

BK Gore