Friday, December 16, 2016

The Next Jeb Taylor Book Truly is Coming Along...

I've worked through several convolutions as I've adjusted to living and writing in my Lakota LQ trailer. Started out with a couple efforts setting up a folding table in back, once all had been unloaded. That didn't work out so well. Especially in the winter. It's tough to keep that back there heated up enough to sit and whittle words, even on the "Warm" southern desert.

That and the constant set it all up__Break it all down was a sticker that jabbed at me. So I kept thinkin' on it.

Just a short time ago, I returned for this years winter camp in that southern desert. I jumped off on an idea I've had and just did it. My thought was to "remodel" the LQ section a mite. I replaced the couch with a desk and chair... Truth be told it's working out as good as I'd hoped, maybe better.

So... much of my days are now being spent sittin' there in the comfort of my plush 'executives' chair... ha ha ha... whittling on what will be that next Jeb Taylor story.

Something I've said before is that I "Write out loud". Seems to me you just about have to. If you read your own words silently your mind has a way of skipping over goofs. It makes it "sound" the way you think it should, rather than how what you put down actually does.

Sooooo... I - ALWAYS - read the paragraphs I just wrote out loud. That goes a long way toward stoppng you from skipping over your mistakes. It also exposes 'Awkward' wording. Fixing that lets the words flow more smoothly.

The mind will slip right past sentences that trip the tongue. But it still has an effect on the reading. When the words flow smoothly it's more pleasant to the "ear" of the reader. That is an "intangible" thing a writer really needs to pay attention to in his (or her) pursuit of telling a better story.

Then there's the goofy punctuation that it helps expose too... (Yeah... one of my weaknesses)

Only trouble is when I'm writing in a campground somewhere... and people start looking funny at the guy who sits in his trailer all day talking to himself! bwahahahahahaha.

For me there's one more benefit. It helps me "Hear" the voices for sure and for certain. More than once I've read what I thought were good words but when I heard them out loud I thought; "He'd never say that like that"... and it gets fixed...

For Example;

Well... time to get back to talking to myself. The Taylors have went and got themselves into an almighty jackpot and I'm hungering to find out how they get out of it!

- BK Gore