Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Ben Jensen Series is Growing. Shadow on the Mountain is Published.

My latest novel is Published! I just finished uploading to Amazon this morning. It got uploaded last night and is available at Smashwords Now! In the next few hours and days it should work smoothly through the distribution chain and be available at your favorite retailer.

This story takes Ben and Amanda into a full scale murder mystery and from what my early readers have told me it held their attention right to the end.

Follow this link and download your FREE copy of the series starter ~ A Pair of Second Chances. That will have you up to date and ready to continue the story in; Shadow on the Mountain!

Many Many thanks for your time and consideration.

~ Brian

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"A Matter of Honor" and "A Pair of Second Chances" are BOTH now FREE!

 My first Novel, A Matter of Honor, and the series starting volume of Jebediah Taylor's story is Now Priced at FREE at Smashwords. That should work through the retailer chain in fairly short order.

My second series, the Ben Jensen series Also has its starting Volume, A Pair of Second Chances, now Priced FREE as well.

These are permanent changes for the pricing of these two books to allow you to "taste" the characters and their stories. 

It may take a short while for the pricing to work it's way through the chain but I expect that to happen quickly. Amazon has already reset the price for HONOR... and I expect A PAIR to follow suit shortly.

Here's an introductory Video you might enjoy for BK Gore the Author, and A Matter of Honor...

Many Thanks

The Release of "Shadow on the Mountain" is Coming SOON!

Book #2 of the Ben Jensen series will be released soon. Editing is progressing well and should be finalized in the next week or so...

As Ben and Amanda work out their new lives together, they find themselves, willing or not, embroiled in a genuine murder mystery... 

Ben Jensen series Book #2 Shadow on the Mountain

You'll be able to find it very soon at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Amazon and several other Retailers of eBooks.

~ Brian