Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Horsemen Has Inflated My Ambition

The Horsemen was released a couple weeks ago with solid impact on my publishing.

Two weeks later the momentum seems to be sustaining and gathering. It's sales continues and even grows. Compounded with the  books that came before it is building something that only a few years ago I could only dream of.

The key as always is to create good work. Maybe not Shakespeare, but good, workmanlike stories. Tales that are not only within the realm of credibility but stories that people can identify with and have meaning within their own space on this lil' blue marble.

That maybe is the best part of being a writer. That somehow, through your stories you can somehow give folks the energy, the belief to convince them that, yes, they can! and No, they are not alone in the way they see this world.

A consequence is that it seems to have triggered a surge of creativity in myself. I've been surging ahead on two new projects. One each for the Taylor and Jensen series.

One titled "Kincaid" will be #4 in the Jeb Taylor series... and the other that I am especially excited about is currently titled "Hold Back the Wind" and will be # 3 of the Ben Jensen series. The way it's coming along, Ben is revealing a bit more of his troubled and scarred soul.

 I made a deliberate attempt to work on both series in tandem more than a year ago... and failed miserably.

Now, with no idea what the catalyst was... at the present moment, quite unintentionally, both stories are vying for supremacy. Each is calling to be recorded. What I tried to do with deliberation and failed is now sailing along at 3-4000 words a day split between the two stories... all driven by its own internal motivation.... it's a weird deal...

It's kind of an odd sensation to have characters calling to me to "get over here" and listen to them and ignore "that other guy".

Dang... if the wrong person hears the three way arguments going on around me... when I'm the only soul visible I believe they'll commit me!

I Vow... I've got Jeb pullin' me one way and Ben demanding I listen to him and pullin' the other... Sometimes I wish I could write stories like a normal feller and just outline 'em! ... rather than this third dimension thing where I've got voices and movie reels running in my head.

Ah well... it keeps things interesting... As always, the stories are revealing themselves to me as they do to you... as the words hit the page.

The next few months promise to be an exciting time for me. I hope they are rewarding for my readers!

-BK Gore

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