The Jebediah Taylor Series

The background for Jebediah Taylor is found in the civil war. He survived that terrible epoch in American History and struggles to find a new reason for being and somehow build a new life out of those ashes.

As in all stories of the frontier and the American West, there are many difficulties and obstacles to be overcome. It takes courage, determination and on occasion a bit of luck. Those with those qualities find the way to persevere. Those lacking fall away. This is the story of one of the men who refused to lay down and die.

The first book in the series, A Matter of Honor, is set in the mid 1870's.

It is what I would call a Traditional story of the Western Genre.

Some reviewers have graced this story with compliments of having "the flavor of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey". To be mentioned in the same sentence as those two icons of western fiction is a great honor for me.

I invite you to give this continuing story a try.

Many Thanks
Brian Gore

Book #1 of the Jebediah Taylor series 
~ A Matter of Honor ~

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Book #2 of the Jebediah Taylor series
~ Heart of a Man ~

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  1. Just bought both sequels and I hope you write more!! Loved the first books. And thank you for your free offer. I'll keep looking for more books...can't wait to start the 2 that I bought tonight!